You probably know how much music can affect your thoughts and emotions. But did you know that music also has a profound effect on your physical health? Even a single tone or frequency can have monumental healing effects, according to Michael S. Tyrrell, musician, author, speaker and founder of Wholetones: Healing Frequencies Music Project.

Our 2019 SHAPE Symposium for SHAPE practitioners was all about the brain and its connection to sleep, inflammation, addiction and emotions. We were honored and excited to have Michael as our keynote speaker. It was divine intervention how this came to be. SHAPE ReClaimed’s co-founder, Linda Frisch, is here to share the story:

“I heard about Wholetones from a friend just after it came out in 2014. We were waiting for our husbands to finish at a seminar and insisted I listen right then and there. I was so impressed at the peace I felt that I ordered the CD set immediately and have been listening ever since.

While driving to a Warrior event in West Plains, MO, I was telling Dr. Todd how Michael had just come out with Wholetones for sleep. I was particularly excited about this since I’ve had sleep issues since I was a child. As I shared the news, it occurred to me that we had decided to dedicate a portion of the symposium on sleep. What if we had Michael speak at our event?

I emailed Michael and left a phone message. Within 12 hours, he had listened to my message, checked out our website and called me back. We had a long conversation all about SHAPE ReClaimed, who we are, what we do, and how our focus is getting to the root cause of disease and help people revitalize their lives.

We were planning a trip to Florida for an event and two other meetings with potential speakers. I asked Michael if there was any wild chance that we could meet. Both our schedules were completely slammed, but serendipity stepped in and we each had an opening on the exact same day. We met for a short dinner and ended up talking for six and a half hours! We all completely fell in love with each other.

Since 2014, I have purchased his entire set of CDs and digital downloads. I listen to them in the background of most of my work days (SHAPE Central is a busy and hectic place!), always while flying (Dr. Todd is a stressful traveler), and always at night to help me sleep. I have loved the simple, yet profound effect Wholetones has on my mental and emotional well-being.”

The Wholetones website is full of testimonials of people who have had amazing results with overcoming serious physical and emotional challenges. Wholetones is an excellent companion to your SHAPE Program journey and beyond. It also makes a great gift for family and friends!

Wholetones includes different programs for different needs. And they come in CD sets or digital downloads so you can listen anytime and anywhere!

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