Fifty pounds lighter, I’m going forward with great health and every opportunity to live a life that’s genuinely my own. – Lorie Loe
My back pain is completely gone and I can fit into size 8 pants! – Kimberly Bussell
Love yourself and your curves while healing. – Shamain Horton 
If not for SHAPE ReClaimed, this story might have ended differently. – Sue Bittfield
I am capable of so much more every day! – Helle Berry
SHAPE has your back! – Tammie Masching
If I can do it, anyone can. – Lisa Jennings
Not only do I feel better, I feel powerful. – Miranda Coleman
Feeling better and improved health are so worth it! – Amy Garcia
The SHAPE Program is a lifestyle, not a diet. – Beth Carter
I truly believe SHAPE was a Godsend. – Shad McGuire
This journey has changed my life! – Donna
Shopping and trying on clothes became enjoyable again. – Carol B.
It takes commitment, but it is worth it to have ReClaimed my SHAPE and my health again. – Laura W.
Fork Your Diet: It’s Never Too Late to ReClaim Your Health
It works and works fast for those who go all in. – JJ Kirkpatrick & Family
MOOD Balance: An Honest and Open Review
One month in, virtually all my pain was gone. – S.R.
I feel like I am starting a new phase of my life. – A.A.
It’s the unexpected that’s so awesome. – T.M.
Thank you, SHAPE, for saving my life! – Annie
SHAPE has given me a new outlook on my relationship with food. – G.P.
I now experience tremendous ease and lightness in my body. – D.T.
I thank God daily for the health benefits I am enjoying. – Darrin
I feel better and I learned a ton along the way. – Ashley
SHAPE is a journey – NOT a diet. – A.
I am 63 years old and I feel like I’m 50! – Susan
A Dog’s Victory

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