I am capable of so much more every day! – Helle Berry


Food dulls the pain of loss, or so I hoped. I ate to dull the loss of my love, my husband, to the ravages of ALS in 2012. I ate myself to discomfort. I worked out with a trainer and followed that up by eating goodies at the attached coffee shop. Last summer, as I headed toward the age of 67 and realized both my parents reached 90+, I decided I must take better care of me. Shortly after making that decision, I reconnected with the chiropractor my late husband and I went to for treatments. Not only is my

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SHAPE has your back! – Tammie Masching


SHAPE ReClaimed has and will keep changing my life forever. I had a chronic neck pain for 20 years. Within the first two weeks of the program it went away. I had seen many doctors, had many physical therapy appointments, and lots of crying. I cry no more because I know how to take the pain away. Sugar caused this pain. When I have something that has sugar in it, I get right back on track the next day. I know how to make the pain go away by eating right, the SHAPE way. SHAPE has your back! Tammie Masching 

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What is Inflammation?


All over this website we talk about how the SHAPE [...]

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If I can do it, anyone can. – Lisa Jennings


After a lifetime of struggling to maintain a healthy weight, SHAPE ReClaimed taught me how to make food choices that curb my addiction to sugar and flour. I lost over a hundred pounds in about 9 months and have successfully kept it off for over a year and a half. I attribute my success to the support I received from my practitioner, the hints, tips, recipes and stories from the Facebook group, and to our newfound belief in ourselves. If I can do it, anyone can - Lisa Jennings

If I can do it, anyone can. – Lisa Jennings2020-10-29T17:50:19-05:00

Not only do I feel better, I feel powerful. – Miranda Coleman


I owe my transformation to SHAPE ReClaimed because it gave me the power of information. I had battled with gut health and sought out help for resolving my gut pain, more than weight loss. My practitioner ran testing and gave me feedback that gave me the information I needed to FEEL better. I have always been someone who worked out frequently, but adding in the nutrition protocol that reduced the inflammation in my gut was crucial to my success. Not only do I feel better, I feel powerful. Thanks, SHAPE, for giving me that healthy feeling again! - Miranda Coleman

Not only do I feel better, I feel powerful. – Miranda Coleman2020-10-29T17:50:43-05:00